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ISO2HANDLE Management Software Features

Scalable and completely no-code

If you can think of it, you can build it.

"Together with ISO2HANDLE, we looked at how we could set up the management system so that the system can work for us over time. With the ultimate goal of having more structure and insight for all our branches."

- Jasmijn Faber Human Resources, Mana Commercial Vehicles


Discover the possibilities of the system

Data at a glance

Real-time information of the entire organization

Bouw een dashboard met alle meetbare informatie die relevant zijn binnen de organisatie. Zorg daarnaast voor relevante informatie bij de juiste mensen door persoonlijke dashboards. Snel inzicht in eigen (openstaande) taken en maatregelen.

All data in one overview
Live information about the entire organization
Quickly identify risks
Continuous optimization
Easy to set up at department and person level

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Easy to set up

From single documents to a complete handbook

Create a digital management system based on your own handbook. Adapt the handbook to the measures, tasks and processes within the organization.

Proactive reminders
Overview of all workflows
Link workflows to registrations and measures
Monitor deadlines with proactive reminders
Additional fields to complete registrations

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From the shop floor to headquarters

Handy how you tighten existing templates yourself, prepare the organization for an audit and don't have to hire expensive consultants. Everything easily connectible and ready for mobile devices

Fine & Kinny
Determine underlying scores and matrix

Process Management
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Access to documents anytime, anywhere

Make documents accessible to everyone within the organization. Through individual rights, relevant documents are displayed within everyone's own environment. Everything quickly and directly at hand.

Overview of all documents
The right information for the right people
Easily add documents yourself
Give rights to documents
Link expiration dates to certificates, etc

Document Management
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From our software to the entire organization

Be able to open handbooks, read processes and create registrations on PC, tablet and mobile anywhere, anytime.

Set authorizations and user rights per form
Use forms quickly via a QR code on mobile devices
Automated task management
API & SSO Compatible
Link workflows and notifications

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For everyone in the organization

The system is preparing for the future. In preparation for digitalization, it is possible to use our system on any mobile device. Quickly reporting a defective drill on the shop floor? Arranged within 1 minute.

Managing time efficiently
Make registrations everywhere
Direct reports to the right department

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The four eyes principle

By posting reactions and comments you give feedback directly. Optimization happens faster and easier. Involve employees by working with information on usability.

Quickly share feedback
Share experiences about the system
Involve employees in optimization

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From different data to insights

Discover trends and developments while monitoring. With an extensive dashboard you can follow your processes in real time and make targeted adjustments to processes and procedures.

Map out risks directly
Points of improvement at departmental level
Quickly recognize trends within a process

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Link various system and let software communicate with each other

Our system has an extensive capability with public API. This allows you to easily and conveniently link existing systems and communicate with each other. And provide within the organization for efficient working.

Scan QR codes and get direct access to forms
Register issues directly with images
Enjoy fast loading time

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Seeing for yourself says more than a 1000 words

Simply start your trial period

All documents in one overview

staff well prepared and informed

Easily identify risks

Guarantee and improve the quality level

Grip on processes

Overview in assets

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Why the right software and right digitization help tremendously?

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